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Claiborne Progress - Will Powerball winner turn into lottery loser

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Most people can live on $58 million if they handle it right. So far, White shows few signs of handling it right. Kevin Wall had me on his CBS Las Vegas radio show on Friday. He played an interview with White who said that he had not thought about getting legal or financial help, but had faith something good will happen. White had better be praying that a good advisory team gets into his life and quickly. Just from the little that I know about him, he has major problems on his hands. I always tell lottery winners that a tax and estate planning lawyer need to be part of their team. The Star Tribune article referenced Whites partner for four years and that he had children and she had children. Is she getting part of the money? If so, how much? What happens if he drops over dead in the next five minutes? Having $86 million puts you in a major league estate tax category. Does he have a will? Who would get his money if he died?
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